Mohamad Ali Zibara



March 2016

We received a phone call from Dana, a friend of ours, and we sensed in her voice a lot of fear. She told us that a family related to her, had tragically lost two brothers in a period of one year! Their heart stopped! The first, Hassan (24 years) suddenly collapsed without any symptoms. The family, true believer in God, accepted this fact recalling “God has given and God has taken”.A year and a half later, Hussein (32 years) suffered the same fate. “He passed away in a minute…” Mohamad Ali told us!

At this point, the remaining two brothers underwent a full medical check-up to discover that Mohamad-Ali (34 years) has a congenital heart problem that can threaten his life too. The cardiologist advised him to go to a specialized hospital in Beirut who can handle his case better than in his hometown. Unfortunately, Mohamad could not manage to get an appointment and was put on a waiting list. Four months later, he was still waiting…

Dana interfered then and asked the two brothers to call our Foundation; so they did and we told them to do an ECG at F. Khoury Hospital (BMG) ….and this is what happened.

The minute the ECG report was out, and due to the urgency of the issue, it was sent by WhatsApp to the Foundation’s cardiologist/electrophysiologist, Dr. Bernard Abi-Saleh who replied that he must immediately see Mohamad, even without appointment.

Further tests were done and it was revealed that Mohamad Ali had a dangerous condition that can affect the electricity of the heart, called “Early Repolarisation Syndrome” and had to be dealt with immediately by implanting an ICD (Implantable Cardioverter-Defibrillator) .

Dr. Abi-Saleh successfully did the intervention, and Mohamad-Ali has in a way "gained a new life”.

We visited Mohamad at the CCU unit at AUBMC and before we arrived to his room, we could not but notice room 516 where our beloved Remy rested for four agonizing days before leaving us, exactly three years ago! The coincidence was that Mohamad, who was now saved, occupied room 517…