About Remy


Remy-George Rebeiz was born in Florida on July 18, 1992. He was the youngest child of John and Sylvia, and the brother of Diala and Dima.

Remy was a skilled athlete since the age of 6. He played basketball for a few years and won many trophies. But Remy’s passion was football. He wanted to become a professional player. He loved Arsenal & Real Madrid and his idol was Cristiano Ronaldo. Remy was a well-known player at both IC and AUB Varsity football teams (MVP in both), as well as the captain of “Football Club Beirut” (FCB). He co-founded FCB with his coach when he was only 16 years old so that young Lebanese football players could compete yearly in the Gothia Cup event in Gothenburg, Sweden. He proved to be a dynamic and enthusiastic team leader.

At home, Remy was a great loving kid with a tremendous sense of humour who entertained friends and parents with his imitation skills. He lived a healthy life away from alcohol and tobacco, cared a lot about his diet & never complained of any symptoms.

Remy graduated in Economics from AUB and was awarded a posthumous BA degree with “Distinction”. Remy left us with a smile on his face. On March 23, 2013 he was going out to enjoy a family dinner when he collapsed. No one understood what happened. He passed away on March 27, 2013.

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