Lina Houry



August 2014

Watch her testimony

On the occasion of Remy’s 22nd birthday, a FREE ECG/EKG was conducted and 119 young persons were screened (of which 40% were females).

Results showed 2 cases that needed further investigation and one young lady (Lina Houry) had a serious condition called “Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome” that could have caused a sudden cardiac arrest.

After further tests, a medical intervention was successfully performed on August 14 and, 24 hours later, our lucky Lina was back home; back to her normal life and to her Riyadi basketball team.

Tamara, a common friend and Lina’s Basketball teammate wrote to us:

“ … I just wanted to pass on the sincere regards and thanks from a young girl who plays in Riyadi and who did the EKG you organized…She is eternally grateful to you and Remy (all the family as well of course) for she would not have been aware of her condition had you not organized that wonderful day and would be living in great danger every day. We are all extremely thankful for your efforts, you are a model for all people out there! Thank you :)”

Lina’s inspirational story has motivated our Foundation to further pursue its goals. As a result it was decided to buy our own ECG machines in order to perform more heart screenings.

We are very happy for you Lina. We will definitely be following your progress…and your games… This was Remy’s gift on his 22nd birthday, our mission will always be: “KEEP YOUNG HEARTS BEATING”